Sited within the top two floors of the prestigious Pepsi-Co building designed by Gordon Bunshaft in 1956,  this project harnessed a large office program for the hypothetical “SRS” communications firm.  Communication methods have evolved over the course of human history and currently thrive amidst the electronic and digital advancements; information is passed most quickly via photons.  The concept of light as a method of communication is emphasized in all aspects of the design.  Analogously to human communication, light can be both passive (site determined) as well as active (fixture and lamp controlled).  Areas of light are utilized throughout the design to highlight professional activity, the client experience, and modern office design trends. The primary office desk system is a custom mill work piece. 

Diagram of Site

Conceptual Development: Natural Light vs. Basic Space Planning

Diagram: Adjacencies & Privacy Concerns

Floor Plans & Material Mapping

Rendered Sections 1 & 2 as Indicated in Floor Plans

Custom Designed Desk Featuring Magnetic Glass Divider

Model Study: Passive vs. Active Lighting Techniques

Material Consideration: Solid vs. Transparent for Space Division

Rendered Elevation

Rendered Elevation

Rendered Elevation