Dr. Hauschka Flagship Store:

Based on the rhythms of the natural world, Dr. Haushka skin products are intended to connect the human experience more deeply with that of the earth’s purest and most enduring cycles.  The urban day spa is designed to reflect these cycles via rhythm created through a syncopated progression of spacial elements.  Overhead arches spaced in specific relationship to the columns ground the product and its intended results in Soho (New York City) while also creating a subconscious transformational experience for the client.  Led from the street to the innermost sanctity of the spa, the client is encouraged to encounter the product from the topical applications (skin care and make up) to the most inwardly rejuvenating (massage and body work).   This progression is reinforced by the spacial forms and selected materials, which evolve from metallic and earthy (in tone and weight) at the entrance of the store, to much lighter and luminous materials found in the spa.  

Conceptual Development: Applying Dr. Hauschka's Philosophy 

Conceptual Development: Material vs. Spiritual Transformation as Applied to Space

Floor & Furniture Plans

Hand Rendering of Store Entry Sequence

Plan & Sectional Rendering of Arches 

Sections Depicting Arches

Furniture, Fixture, & Equipment Selection: Street Level

Furniture, Fixture, & Equipment Selection: Spa Level