A Treehouse in Brooklyn: 

In the summer of 2010, the idea of a treehouse was mused over and fast took hold as a viable reality. Determined to design and build it herself, Alexandra's critical considerations included impacting the tree as little as possible, using only reclaimed and found materials, and ensuring safety.  Conceptually, treehouse smears the boundary between nature and interior space,  the perceived differences between adult and childhood sanctuaries, and the social values reflected in the notions of “ghetto” and “custom-designed” spaces.  Design features that support the concept include functioning fenestration on all four walls, a covered ground-level patio, a custom steel ladder, and integrated surface treatments.  In total, the treehouse is roughly 100 square feet (including the patio), and additionally has a secure elevated deckand a small gangplank.  

Featured in the Home & Garden section of the New York Times.  November 9th, 2011

*Please note that the Treehouse is available for day rental for fashion and music shoots, as well as any other creative endeavor for which you may need such a venue.