Alexandra achieved an MBA from Eller College of Management as well as a Masters of Interior Design from the Pratt Institute in order to hone her ideas, actualize results, and expand her creative resources.  Alexandra has practiced fine art from a young age and has exercised her dexterity in various mediums over the past two decades.  The foundation of her academic bearing coupled with her creative ambition synthesize into a well-rounded enthusiasm for designing solutions while simultaneously satisfying her desire to create with meaning, purpose, and humor. Ms. Meyn lived in the Western United States (Oregon, South Dakota, Colorado, and Arizona) for over a decade and enjoyed Brooklyn and the Manhattan area for close to five years prior to moving to the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  Beyond full immersion in her local community, she thrives on travel for artistic inspiration and values the friends she has made in these endeavors above all else save for her family.